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I swear I suck sometimes. Well,maybe a lot of the times. One of the things I suck most at is constant updates. Because I suck. Sorry. Big things been happening. After that stressful semester with all of those classes were finished up I took a trip to Maryland…and sort of moved there. Things happened so fast. Now I have a job and I’m finally getting stable again.

I have not stopped writing, at…

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Long Time No See

Long Time No See

I know everyone. I’ve been gone for a while. Things have been shifting in my life with the speed of an avalanche going over a mountain. After I finished up last semester of school we ended up taking a trip to Maryland. What was suppose to be only a week trip turned into a semi-move. I found a job, been working here for two months, and we are finally starting to get ourselves stabilized.


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First of all this post is racist as fuck. Is it because all of these women are black? NONE OF THESE NAMES ARE GHETTO and the amount of notes it has are disgusting. 

Ashanti - A common name in Ghana. It is a name from a powerful African empire. It is a fucking African name.

Aaliyah - It’s also a fucking African name. It means “High Exalted”, “Highest of All”, “To Ascend”. It also means Princess, Beautiful, Goddess, and some other beautiful meanings.

Beyonce - Oh look, another fucking African name. It means “beyond others”. It also derives from the French surname Beyincé, which is also her mother’s maiden name.

Ciara - It is of Irish origin and it means “dark haired beauty” or “black”.

Onika - Yet, another African name. It means warrior and is most often used as a boy’s name. 

Last but not least, Zendaya, which is also a fucking African name. It is a language of Zimbabwe/Southern Zambi. It means “To give thanks”.

Just because it’s not of your culture doesn’t mean it’s fucking ghetto. Who wants a common ass name anyway? You are racist and ignorant. Please educate yourself. 




They tried it 

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