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What I’ve Been up too

What I’ve Been up too

Sadly, nothing. In fact I’m just posting to let people know I’m still alive. Going to school full-time has been killing me. Or more specifically my English class is. There is nothing that makes me want to write less than taking an English class. I hate it. To pass the time I’ve been collecting resources, textures, tutorials, and references for my projects. I’ve downloaded a lot of Renpy games to…

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Writing Class is Ruining My Creativity

Writing Class is Ruining My Creativity

Seriously, I got four classes and I am going to school full time, but no class takes more energy, creativity, and will to live than English class. Everything I have been learning as a fiction writer is being tossed away, once again for academic writing.

No ‘I’s so the stories aren’t personal. My tone is sympathetic. I shouldn’t have a tone at all. Blah, blah, blah.

You know how long it took for…

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